Tuesday, 29 September 2020 14:59

    Roast your pumpkins - waste not want not.

    Don't waste the flesh of your pumpkins this Halloween. Chop the flesh into chunks along with onions and carrots cut to the same size. Add some crushed garlic, salt and pepper and a few sage leaves. Splash a little olive oil over and mix well before roasting in a hot oven for about 30/40 minutes until soft but not charred. Use to make Roasted Pumpkin Soup or a delicious and colourful Roasted Squash and Blue Cheese Pizza.

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    Thursday, 25 July 2013 21:11

    Another cooking show... and meet Nigella

    Are you a keen cook, with flair, with taste... then enter the next Channel 4 TV cookery show. You could meet Nigella!

    Tuesday, 20 September 2011 11:00

    Looking for a job?

    They are looking for a chef at the White Horse in Stoke Ash near Eye. 

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    Thursday, 08 September 2011 09:27

    Being Dish of the Day

    I can hardly bear to say the c word but we wiill be looking for a Dish of the Day for that time of year when everyone gives each other presents, and for November and October too. If you have a nice recipe and look good in an apron why not appear on here? It's just an e mail away and you don't have to be a chef; let's have a home cook  - from WEST Suffolk.

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    Tuesday, 09 November 2010 16:40

    who we are

    Suffolkfoodie was created by my sister Claire in 2007.  Although Claire has lived and worked in the UK, nowadays she spends most of her time in the Caribbean with her family. Not in a 'living on a luxury yacht' kind of way, but on her smallholding where she raises goats and cattle. Claire is a great cook, a published writer and has a life-threatening addiction to hot sauce and makes it in Barbuda.



    This leaves me to look after SuffolkFoodie. My name is Ruth and I've worked in the food and hospitality industry since I was 19; now I'm a Nonna! I still have the passion for cooking and good food that I had in my youth. Whether I've made it myself or someone else has cooked it I like good home-made food. I'm not fussy about what I eat; give me a good stew or a burger from a street food stall and I'm happy. You can see my food stories and recipes here! For those that would like to know even more about me I moved from catering, service and hospitality to the tourism sector when I got weary working behind a hot stove. I currently work as a freelance quality assessor within visiitor attractions and the leisure and sports industries. (My eight years as a full time hotel inspector taking their toll on my waistline and leaving me craving to eat my own cooking and sleep in my own bed again.) In my years as a cook/chef I've owned and run my own restaurant in Bury St Edmunds and also had my own outside event catering businesses. I've worked as a lecturer at West Suffolk College teaching cookery and life skills to vulnerable adults as well as teaching adult education evening cookery classes. I understand the complexities of running a food led business and the energy that it takes to keep all the plates spinning (literally). I love to keep up with food trends and writing the odd blog post or two. My relaxation pursuits include growing pumpkins, discovering more about wine and experimenting with my cocktail trolley - as Jimmy Buffet sang ... it's five o'clock somewhere; pour me another one!